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Bluewater Capabilities

Bluewater Property Group’s broad in-house management expertise enables us to evaluate and undertake targeted acquisitions and ground-up development on a speculative or build-to-suit basis and tackle complex projects that require substantial redevelopment or building improvement programs.

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Bluewater is comfortable tackling every product type in the logistics sector from the repositioning or full-scale redevelopment of underutilized buildings to the ground-up development of both highly regulated greenfield sites and environmentally challenged brownfield properties. 

Bluewater Property Group Value Add Acquistions

Value Add Acquisitions

Bluewater prides itself on its long history of sourcing value-add opportunities on an off-market basis.  From targeted capital improvements to building wide redevelopments, we employ focused strategies to transform undervalued assets into highly functional, stabilized core properties.

Speculative Development

By marrying deep asset level expertise with intimate market knowledge, we maintain a keen awareness of discrete threads of tenant demand as we undertake speculative development where we perceive there to be an unmet need in the market for new Class-A space. 

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Bluewater Property Group Project Patriot

Build-to-Suit Development

Bluewater’s team of development and construction experts bring discipline and creativity to the most complex build-to-suit projects for a range of clients. We confront every development challenge with a user’s long-term operational goals in mind and help clients communicate these goals to the communities in which we build. No matter how specialized the product, Bluewater ensures seamless execution and delivery.

Development Advisory

Bluewater’s Development Advisory practice brings our expertise in the industrial and logistics sector to a

range of clients including institutional capital, family offices, landowners, and corporate clients. We operate under a range of structures to add value at all phases of the development process from site evaluation and feasibility to entitlements, construction, and leasing.

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We bring the unique depth and breadth of our organization to provide a comprehensive set of services consistent with our log-term ownership perspective and our total return investment thesis for the asset class.

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By understanding key nuances to tenant demand, Bluewater identifies and targets the most functional real estate in any given submarket.  We then execute a rigorous underwriting approach that combines detailed property inspections, comprehensive legal reviews, focused market analysis and accurate financial modeling to address functional deficiencies and uncover asset specific areas where value can be created.

Development Management

From developing market-driven engineering solutions, to accurate budgeting and scheduling, to working closely with local, state, and federal agencies to realize a viable development plan, Bluewater oversees design, engineering, legal, and entitlement teams with a deep consideration of all stakeholder goals.  With our long history operating in mature, highly regulated markets with high barriers for new supply, we are comfortable attacking complex situations that require rezonings, environmental remediation, land reclamation as well as building-wide conversions.

Bluewater Property Group Accusitions and Develpoment
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Construction Management

Bluewater's in-house construction team ensures that every project is executed with the level of care and consideration required for an on-time and on-budget delivery. Whether build-to-suit or a speculative development, Bluewater representatives participate in every step of the construction process from contractor selection and budget buyout, to based building delivery and tenant improvement oversight and turnover.

Bluewater Property Group Construction Management
Bluewater Property Group Asset and Property Management
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Asset Management

The asset management team is led by well-seasoned professionals that recognizes the benefits of working closely with the local brokerage community and acting as highly responsive owners to our tenants.  Through a strong belief in creating enduring, long-term relationships, we look to reposition underutilized properties to better target tenant demand.  Bluewater's operating team oversees the financing, leasing, and accounting process as we seek to continually unlock avenues for appreciation throughout the entire life cycle of every asset.

Property Management

Bluewater believes the key to maximizing investment performance is most dependent on our ability to be

responsive landlords and achieve the highest retention rates.   Bluewater's property managers supervise engineering and maintenance contractors who are the best third-party vendors and repair service providers so each property performs best, allowing tenants to operate their businesses efficiently and cost effectively. 

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Bluewater’s experienced and well-rounded team allows us to move quickly and decisively.  We are proud of our reputation as a dependable, best-in-class practitioner that executes with precision and delivers on our word.


Bluewater understands the full scope and care required to navigate complex situations, deliver creative solutions, and achieve win/win results for investors, end-users and community partners.


Deep market knowledge combined with a consistent granular approach to each opportunity has led to Bluewater’s ability to execute projects that align with market demand, lease quickly and remain occupied through economic cycles.


We rely on our in-house expertise and our operating capabilities to make bold decisions whenever and wherever we see a value proposition.  We are not afraid to act upon our convictions and apply a disciplined approach that encourages calculated and measured risk taking.

The Bluewater Difference

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