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Bluewater is a real estate operator first that knows how to deploy capital with discipline and determination.  Our investment strategy reflects our fundamental convictions that underpin current trends in the logistics sector.

High Barrier Market Focus

Bluewater excels in high barrier markets where challenging physical property constraints and stringent regulatory oversight make the supply of modern Class A product difficult to achieve.
We are currently focused in the Northeast region

of the US where over 60 million consumers can be reached in a one-day drive but remains underserved compared to other markets.

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We only buy or develop the most functional space that appeals to the deepest pool of tenants. By understanding tenant demand on a granular level in each of our target markets, our assets lease up quickly and stay occupied.

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Basis Discipline

Whether buying existing buildings or developing ground-up, we strive for the highest yields, but never at the expense

of basis. Our total return focus fosters disciplined decision making that ensures capital preservation and achieves competitive returns. 

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Tenacious Execution

We believe that successful investments require determined pursuit and tenacious execution. Nearly all our deals are sourced off-market through targeted prospecting. Our project execution springs from a forward leaning posture that anticipates issues and identifies the best path ahead. No detail is overlooked as we provide clear and decisive solutions for complex situations that respond

to the needs of our tenants and partners.

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