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Bluewater Property Group’s in-house construction management expertise enables us to evaluate and undertake ground-up development on a speculative and build-to-suit basis, as well as complex projects that require substantial building improvement programs. 

This aspect of our business requires us to work closely with our capital partners, customers, municipal staffs and regulatory bodies providing an opportunity for us to extend relationships in the local real estate community.


  • Perform property due diligence and market research

  • Advice on land acquisition

  • Provide conceptual programming, entitlement and approvals coordination

  • Streamline permitting, entitlement and approvals coordination

  • Assist with underwriting and project-level financing


  • Manage the entitlement and approvals process

  • Organize the project design and scheduling

  • Supervise construction and renovation activities

  • Coordinate sub-contractor billing, jobsite inspection reports and punch lists

  • Streamline the entire construction management process


  • Incorporate practical solutions to enhance the value of our properties

  • Streamlined lease negotiations with experienced principals

  • Identify and effectively manage the most capable brokers and service providers in each market

  • Develop deeper customer relationships with direct response and quick attention to tenants’ needs


  • Incorporate real time market understanding and information to optimize investment decisions

  • Sophisticated underwriting and financial modeling process

  • Institutional market perspective combined with fiduciary experience

  • Long-term market relationships with owners, brokers and users of space provide resources and perspective on investment decisions

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